Product Details
Core Cutters
Centerprise Limited
Magnetic core Drill & Core cutting machines (German make)
  Ralli Wolf Make
Magnetic core Drill & Core cutting machines
make Welding machine, Rectifier & Mig Machine.
Make Air cooled welding machines.
Pillar Drill
machines all sizes.
  Ball press and other workshop machines
Tractel Tirfor/Speed
make chain pulley blocks & pulling and lifting machine.
  BAC compressor
Lathe Machine
All sizes (Gujarat Make)
  Radial Drilling Machine
(Gujarat Make)
SAI Arc India Welding & Cutting Machines   L&T Ewac
Welding machine, Rectifier & Mig Machine.
Lincoln Electric      
Cutting Tools
Addison & Co Limited
Drill bits, Taps & Cutter
  Miranda Tools
Tool bits & Hacksaw blades
Forbes & Co Limited
Totem Threading Taps and Dies, Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burs, Solid carbide End Mills, Drill, Step Drill
  Carborundum Universal Limited
Grinding Wheels
Core Drill bit( Broche Cutter)
  Karnesh Cutter
Core Cutter
Conveyor Belts, V Belts and Jointing Solutions
Pentagon Rubber Private Limited Indus make Polyester Cord V. Belt & Conveyor belts.   Super Tack / Oliver Mocon INC
Cold Vulcanizing Solution, OM-2000 Cement.
Fenner (I) Limited
V. Belts & Pulley.
Maintenance and Safety Products
Champion make Asbestos packing & rope   Marine Equipment
Manila ropes, Wire rope, Pulleys etc.
Safety Equipment
Safety Helmets, Gumboots, Safety belts, etc.
Welding Accessories and Gas Cutting Equipment
Welding cables of copper and aluminum of all sizes (ISI and non ISI)   Gas Cutting regulators, cutters and torch of HMP & Kashmir make.
Measuring Tools
All types of digital and infrared meters.
Lincoln Electric
Flux Core, Migwire & Electrodes
  Magnarc / Manga Electrodes Private Limited – Electrodes
Gee Limited – Electrodes   Nowelco Limited - Electrodes
Power Tools
KPT Sales & Services Limited
Power tools, Drills, Grinders & Spares
  Ralli Wolf
Ralli Wolf(Power Tools), Magnetic Core drill machine
Power Tools, Drills, Grinders & Spares
General Tools
Taparia Tools Limited
Hand Tools, Screw Driver, Hammer, Pliers, Sly wrench Socket sets, DE & Ring spanner, Allen Keys
  Steel Tool Corporation
Samrat brand tools and Machineries
J.K. Files Limited
Steel Files and Rasps
  Netco India Tools Co.
Hand Tools & Vices.
SKF Bearing India Limited
All sizes bearings.
  Penta Auto Equipment
All kind of Auto Equipment
Heavy Machines
Lathe Machines, Shaping Machines, Milling Machines, Hydraulic Press, etc.      
Welding and Cutting Equipment
Lincoln Electric
International welding solutions, welding machines
  SAI Arc India Limited
Inverter bus, Rectifier, Mig, Jig & Plasma cutting machines
Gee Limited
Rectifier & Plasma cutting machines
  Weldtronic Private Limited – Rectifier
Hind Medico Products
Oxygen, Acetylene, Carbon Dioxide, Pug cutting machines.
Air & Water hoses, Rock drill hose and all others. (ISI and non ISI)   Air & Water PVC braided hoses all size
Welding and Cutting Machines
Lincoln Electric ( Welding Expert)
All types of Welding and Cutting Machines
  SAI Arc India Pvt. Limited
All types of Welding and Cutting Machines
Hydraulic Jack & Chain Pulley Block
Vankos & Company
All Hydraulic items.
  Brady & Morris Engg. Co. Limited
Chain Pulley Block & E.O.T Crane
Speed make chain pulley
Chain pulley blocks & Pulling and Lifting machine
  Tractel Tirfor
Chain pulley blocks & Pulling and Lifting machine
Chain pulley blocks & Pulling and Lifting machine
Industrial Paints
Berger Paints
All types of Industrial Paints
  Shalimar Paints
All types of Industrial Paints
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